Pioneer Oil Company, Inc. (Operator)

      • Located in Lawrenceville, IL
      • Third generation privately owned and operated oil production company with 300 employees
      • Pioneer has over 2,000 wells in current production
      • First operator to bring and satisfactorily utilize horizontal drilling within the “Illinois Basin”
      • Successfully drilled and operated wells in
        • Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, and Alaska
      • Virtually all of the drilling and completion work is completed by Pioneer employees, unlike most operators in the “Illinois Basin”
      • Highly respected by peers for running one of the most ethical, and technologically advanced operations
      • Long-term relationship between Midwest and Pioneer dating back to 2008 when Mr. Herrick was employed by CountryMark and began working with Pioneer
        • Since 2009, Midwest has drilled 51 new wells with Pioneer
      • Midwest’s primary contacts
        • Don Jones, President since 1975
        • Mark Jones, Geologist
        • Steve Miller, CFO

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